Depression Related Sites

A list of sites that educate the public on teenage

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment – statistics, warning signs, prevention and other resources on prescription drug use by adults and teens. – this is a mega-site dedicated to all things health for all ages. A great resource for all things depression.

Foster Care Adoption – statistics, articles, and state by state resources for families looking to adopt a teen or child. – site dedicated to issues related to kids & teens. Formatted very well and contains tons of resources for parents and children.

ADHD Child – statistics, articles, warning signs, and related resources.

The Kelty Foundation

Troubled Teen Issues – contains articles on all things related to teen help including programs/schools for troubled teens, shoplifting, teen drug use, suicide, depression, and much more.

Teen Suicide – all things teen suicide listed here – statistics, facts, prevention, treatment for depressed teens, and more.

Drug Rehab – full directory of drug treatment as well as residential treatment for depression.

Teen Pregnancy Facts – includes articles on teenage pregnancy statistics, facts, prevention and help.

Youth Line

Childhood Depression – signs, facts, causes, treatment, and other resources.

Marijuana AddictionMarijuana Treatment

Child Behavior Contracts and Parent Teen Contracts available at