Natural Cures for Depression

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with depression each year, which is why many opt to find natural cures for depression. Antidepressants are often prescribed but for some they can have adverse and undesirable effects. Natural cures for depression might be a better alternative.

Some people react poorly to antidepressants, feeling tired and even more anxious than without them. Teens going through major hormonal changes often react negatively to depression medication and antidepressants that are prescribed in cases of teen depression. This is why there are natural cures for depression as an alternative treatment.

What are some natural cures for depression?

While there is little fact about natural cures for depression, there are some depression patients who feel these natural cures are a better alternative to medications. Some examples provide evidence that natural cures and alternative treatments cause the patient to be more likely to relax, which can help the person afflicted with depression to be able to cope with so many of the causes of depression including anxiety, grief, life changes and even prolonged and excessive physical pain. For those with depression considering the usage of alternative treatment options, there are many to choose from and are also virtually harmless to try out to see if they will work before opting to take antidepressants. However, when trying these types of therapies, even if they are considered natural, it is still important to get the help and advice of your doctor or health care provider to determine whether or not this method would be appropriate.

Types of alternative therapy:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis
  • Herbal remedies
  • Massage therapy
  • Relaxation
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Guided imagery
  • Exercise

These types of alternative therapies are difficult to study scientifically whether they actually work or not, but they are often found to be effective toward benefiting at least some of the symptoms a person with depression may be experiencing. However, there is no conclusive evidence to find if it is a definitive form of a cure for depression. When it comes to herbal remedies, these are some of the most popular types of alternative or natural cures for depression. St. John’s wort and gingko biloba are known for altering a person’s mood, which is why these herbal remedies are known to be used toward helping with depression symptoms. However, all herbal remedies should be treated exactly like medication. Take the amount recommended. There are sometimes ingredients in these herbal remedies that with too much, could cause a lot of problems toward a person’s physical health. This is also why it is important to ask you doctor about taking these kinds of natural cures.

Another one of the most effective and most popular forms of alternative therapies to help with natural cures for depression include relaxation. There are many ways to try and relax include massage therapy, meditation and yoga. By relaxing, the person’s mood is directly affected, which leaves the person with depression more able to cope with the pressures they are facing and the overall symptoms that are causing their depression. Relaxation is a mood stabilizer, which is the best way to help a person learn coping abilities. Exercise in another form of physical alternative therapies. Exercise is known for enhancing moods, reliving stress and boosting endorphins, which can make a person happier. Usually alternative therapies and natural cures for depression have to be done in combinations. There is no one set cure. The best and most effective way to find a natural cure for depression is to try out a few different remedies to find what works best. For some, exercise and physical therapy might be the best cure. However, for some they do better trying out meditation and relaxation methods. Some might just do better if they are using a combination of things. However, too many therapies might be overwhelming. This is part of the reason it is good to consult with a doctor or therapist to determine which methods of alternative therapies might be best depending on the situation and severity of depression. From there, it might be trial and error to determine which methods work the best per person.