Teen Social Issues

There are many teen social issues out there, which teens have trouble coping with and trying to handle on a daily basis. These teen social issues are a direct result of teens coming into their own and trying to figure out that transition from child to adult.

The teen years are the worst for young adults. Up until this point, they have yet to encounter this level of trouble or complication in their lives. Each teen may go through a different but sometimes similar experience as other teens. There are so many factors that play a role in why teens encounter the specific teen social issues they do, but there is a way to help teens overcome some of the toughest issues they find themselves facing during their tumultuous years. Some of the top teen social issues are relationships, abuse, sex, drugs and alcohol and suicide, according to a study based on the number of calls and subjects of those calls to a teen help hotline.


According to the study, the number one teen social issues revolve around relationships. For the first time in their lives, teens are exploring their sexuality and romantic relationships with their peers. These are entirely new feelings they have never felt before. It takes a lot of effort for a teen to make a relationship work successfully. However, most teens are not mature enough emotionally to have reached that point where they are capable of making the best decisions in a relationship, hence the typically drama and struggles teens face with relationships. However, it is important for teens to realize that romance and relationships during their teen years are an important time in their life to make mistakes with relationships so they can figure out the best way to have a successful relationship as an adult.


There are many types of abuse that teens might face. While this is not a one-size-fits-all type of problem, there are many different types of abuse teens struggle to overcome. This could range from physical, emotional, verbal abuse with friends, family and even a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If the abuse becomes dangerous both emotionally or physically, it is important for teens to seek outside help from a family member, teacher or law enforcement official.

Teen Sex

This is always going to be one of the biggest issues teens face. Especially having struggles with relationships, sex is just another contributing factor. There are so many questions and concerns teens may have about sex including condom use, contraceptives, abstinence, saying no to peer pressure, preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections as well as preventing unintended teen pregnancy. For subjects like this, there are tons of online resources about teen sex issues. Teens can also talk to their parents or another trusted adult about issues concerning sex as well.

Drugs and alcohol

Unfortunately this is one of the biggest issues teens face. Peer pressure is all around. Teens also want to look for ways to cope with some of these teen social issues they might be facing as well. Ask a parent or teacher for any information you wish to find about drugs and alcohol. There are also plenty of online resources. For help saying no to peer pressure, be sure to ask for assistance or look online for a variety of resources to help you learn to avoid these self-destructive behaviors.

Teenage Suicide

With issues like bullying and all of these other teen social issues, for some it can all be too much for a teen to take and they look to commit suicide as a way out. However, any family member or friend of a person who has committed suicide can attest that suicide is not the answer. This is why there are many teen hotlines that offer help and counseling to help prevent these cases of suicide. If the problem is even more severe, it is important to get professional help our counseling. Talk to a teacher, parent or trusted adult for getting help with your anxiety, depression or other symptoms that might be leading to you want to make this decision. Teens can overcome even the most teen social issues. Be sure to not be afraid to ask for help with any of these issues if you are a teen and struggling. The most important part to remember is that you are not alone and many have overcome these challenges before and so can you.

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