Depression Forums

People seek out depression forums for different reasons. There are also many different types of depression forums.  This article contains information on how to choose a depression forum to help with your specific needs and learn the pros and cons of participating or joining depression forums.

Depression Forum Defined

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Natural Cures for Depression

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with depression each year, which is why many opt to find natural cures for depression. Antidepressants are often prescribed but for some they can have adverse and undesirable effects. Natural cures for depression might be a better alternative.

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Teen Social Issues

There are many teen social issues out there, which teens have trouble coping with and trying to handle on a daily basis. These teen social issues are a direct result of teens coming into their own and trying to figure out that transition from child to adult.

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Depression in Children

Diagnosing depression in children can be more difficult than determining adult or teen depression.  Read this article to learn what depression symptoms to look for in children and get statistics on depression in children. Also, find treatment options for childhood depression.

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Teen Depression and Suicide

Teen depression and suicide often accompany one another. This article offers suicide and depression statistics, the links between teen depression and suicide, and common symptoms for depression and suicide. Also learn about teen depression and suicidal thoughts.

Rates of Suicide and Depression

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